Be Happy; Be Inspired; Be in the Moment!

Our journey started over 20 years ago on a summer day in 2003 when Roy Roberts and his son decided to create High Sea Adventures. It started out as a small project but quickly grew into a business that tourists could count on for adventure! Now, we’re a worldwide name in the travel industry with thousands of happy customers, but we’ve never lost sight of our roots and the building blocks we built this family-owned business on.

We know there are hundreds of tour agencies to choose from, and picking the one that’s right for you can be confusing. But with Infinity Worldwide Vacations, you never have to second-guess. Why? Because we have the passion, experience, and global network to make your wildest travel dreams come to life!

Our Infinite Commitment to You

As global travelers and dreamers ourselves, we know how powerful traveling can be. It’s a chance to learn, to live, and to fall in love with the world over and over again!

That’s why we are committed to making those kinds of incredible adventures accessible for everyone! Whether you’re searching for unique encounters, a relaxing getaway, more travel options, or just incomparable value, you’ll find it here. Our goal is to provide trips that deliver unique encounters, give you stories to tell, and, most importantly, leave you inspired.

How We Work Our Magic

  • Our in-house travel gurus put in the research and relationship-building to create unbelievably cool travel packages at unbeatable prices.
  • We’ve built long-term relationships with hundreds of local providers to bring you truly authentic experiences and exclusive opportunities for carefree travel around the world!
  • We use innovative technology and a simple booking process so you can travel near and far at the touch of a button.
  • Last but not least, we’re available to you 24/7! Our dedicated assistance team is never more than a call or click away when you need a hand during your adventures.

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