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Dreaming of a vacation filled with wildlife, adventure, and sweeping landscapes? Bump South Africa to the top of your list! Our epic South Africa packages give you the rare opportunity to explore the far reaches of this diverse country. Want to safari in the famous Kruger Park? Done. Dying to see cute penguins, whales, and great whites? We know where to find them. Top things off with visits to the vibrant cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable adventure.

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Explore the South Africa vacation & tour packages with our curated travel packages.

Our South Africa travel plans & packages come with airfare (Flights), hotels, travel and transfers all-inclusive. Discover our South Africa tour packages on your vacation. The most popular South Africa vacation plans are Affordable South Africa. Our travel plans come with a minimum duration of 9 days and maximum duration of 9 days. When it's time to stop dreaming and start doing, GoIWV will help turn your South Africa vacation with Accommodations, All Flights, All Transfers, Activities & Some Meals.

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1 Latest South Africa Vacation Packages

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Affordable South Africa

cape town johannesburg
accommodations all flights all transfers activities some meals
9 Days
relaxed You’re a leisurely traveler
solo Trips suitable for solo travelers
family Trips suitable for families with children
couples Trips suitable for couples
group Travel in small groups (up to 30)
escorted Organized group with tour leader
From $3745

Our classic tour of South Africa, with in-depth visit to Soweto and the chance to explore Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our classic tour of South Africa, with in-depth visit to Soweto and the chance to explore Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you exercise the right safety measures, visiting South Africa may be quite safe. While some parts of the nation have greater crime rates than others, most visitors who stay in crowded, tourist-friendly regions and exercise caution are not bothered. Avoid going for nighttime walks alone, keep your valuables hidden, and make use of reliable transportation services. Researching particular places you want to go and following local recommendations are also good ideas.

Many times, South African vacation packages combine city excursions, safaris, and cultural activities. A popular package can include trips to Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Usually, these packages cover lodging, guided tours, and a few meals. While less expensive choices may still give you a full and immersive experience in South Africa's varied landscapes, luxury options may offer exclusive safaris, fine dining, and opulent housing.

What you wish to do will determine when it is best to visit South Africa. May to September are the best dry winter months to see wildlife, particularly in Kruger National Park, when animals congregate around waterholes. The warmer months, November through February, provide mild weather and clear skies for beach vacations along the beaches. With pleasant weather and fewer visitors, Cape Town is especially beautiful in the spring (September to November) and fall (March to May).

Amazing places can be found all around South Africa. You really must see Cape Town, with its lively waterfront and breathtaking Table Mountain. Johannesburg provides a wealth of historical experiences through locations like the Apartheid Museum. Some of the greatest safari experiences in the world are available to wildlife enthusiasts at Kruger National Park. On the southeast coast, the Garden Route is home to picturesque scenery and quaint villages. Another well-liked location is Durban, which boasts beaches and access to the Indian Ocean.


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